Specializing in the production of various composite packaging bags, mid-sealing bags, three-side sealing bags, piano-sealing bags, standing bags, four-side sealing bags, and special-shaped bags
Composite roll film, automatic packaging roll film; also divided into container bags
The combination of various materials such as general transportation packaging bags, small packaging bags, etc., depends on the types of products loaded, the size and weight of each packaging, and the type of packaging. The detection of composite packaging bags requires food-grade safe materials. The storage period requirements of composite bag packaging, the requirements of composite bag packaging bag design, etc. Combine various information together, analyze and balance, and then select the most reasonable composite structure value. In addition to the selection of materials, printing coordination and other designs (such as multiple opening and closing zippers, sliders, one-way exhaust valves, inclined nozzle tubes, etc.) all help to increase the maximum value of pet food packaging bags.

We support customization of various composite bag shapes. The size of the composite bag can also vary according to different products. Custom printing, size, material and thickness are all according to customer requirements and combined with our professional suggestions. Customer first

1. The tenet of credibility first, integrity management, continuous pragmatic innovation, dedicated to all walks of life in the domestic society, seeking development, and creating brilliant together.

Breast Milk Storage Bag

Mailing Bag

Liquid Packaging Bag

Flexible packaging films

Baby Food Pouches

Pet Food Packaging Bag

Food Packing Bag

coffee and Tea packaging bag

Bag In Box

Standing Bag

Customize Your Bag Type

In Huacang, we will provide more packaging bags to meet your business needs. Whether your business is firmly established or just getting started, we can meet your packaging needs. More products, welcome to inquire!

customize Your Bag Type

Premium-look,highstability, maximumspace for branding

customize Your Bag Type

Stands well , mostcommonly-used forfood packaging.

customize Your Bag Type

Cost-effective, classictype for large or heavyitem.

customize Your Bag Type

Suitable for smallportions, highlycost-effective.

customize Your Bag Type

Bespoke style tocreate a unique lookand stand out.

Product Display

OEM&ODM Service

1. Packaging bags are safe materials widely used in daily life, such as snacks, coffee, pet food bags, clothes, breast milk bags, etc.
2. We have many available sizes for customers to choose
3. We can customize special size and special shape according to your custom design
4. We can print your design artwork pattern on the paper box according to your requirements.


We provide digital PDF proofs for all paper cup orders prior to going to print. When considering your turnaround time please allow time for us to review your artwork and to provide proofs for approval.

PROOF TURNAROUND TIME,Once we have received your order and template file we will provide a proof to you generally within 6 business hours.

– Supplied files of poor quality may create delays in providing artwork services and generating of proofs
– Upon APPROVAL of proofs, orders must be paid prior to actual printing of the sleeves.

How to order

1.Confirm the product models, size, andqty you want to order.
2.Confirm if need custom printing details etc
3.A PI would be sent for your down payment. Then after payment will start immediate production.
4.Upon receipt of your payment, we will arrange production asap.
5.Once production are finished, we will send photos for your confirmation.
6.Once receive full payment, we will arrange shipment for you. Or you can ask your agent come to pick up the goods.
7.As soon as the shipment is made, we will update the shipping information for you and send you the shipping documents accordingly.
8.When you receive your goods, we will follow up for any feedback or any further help needed for the products.


Production Process

Production Process

HuaCang Company Profile

HUA CANG Packaging Manufacturing Co., Ltd, established in 1998, located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province, China. The factory is with occupation of land about 15000 square meters and our factory equipped with 9 colors printing and laminating production lines. We devote to Flexible Packaging for Food, Beverage, Cosmatics, Electronics, Medical and Chemical products. Main products consist of Rolling film, Aluminium bag, Stand-up Spout Pouch, Zipper Pouch,Vacuum pouch,Bag in Box ,Courier Packaging etc, over twenty kinds of material structures for different purpose, including packing for snack food, frozen food, beverage, retortable food, wine, edible oil, drinking water, liquid egg and so on. Our products are mainly exported to United States, Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and so on. We are certified to BRC, ISO9001, QS food grade and SGS, the packaging material are compliance with the US FDA and EU standards.

Production Process

Hello there! We are custom packaging production for composite bag packaging. If you need customized composite bags in the packaging industry, Huacang is a well-known manufacturer of various composite bag packaging. We can help you provide high-quality composite bag packaging for your packaging business. Based on our experience, I can assure you that we can give you a kind of bag packaging

Factory map

External Assessment

External Assessment
We strictly control the appearance ofraw materials, measure their thickness,size, etc., and only use qualified ones.

Factory map

Material Strength Test

A tensile tester is used to test thestrength of the raw materials to ensurethat the material of pouch making isstrong enough.

Factory map

Corona Value Test

Test whether the surface of the rawmaterial has a corona value with thecorona liquid to judge is there aresufficient ink adhesion conditions.

Factory map

Heat Seal Strength Test

The purpose of heat seal strength is todetect the strength of the seal and toensure that the product remains intactduring storage and transportation.

Factory map

Composite Strength Test

The composite strength test which istaken with a tensile tester on theformed pouches aims to ensure theusability of them.

Factory map

Drop Test

Pouches filled with 5 liters of contentswas dropped from the height of onemeter three times in order to detect thepracticability of the them on the

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