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Spout Bags need

Spout bag provide a layer of insulation to protect your product during its time on the shelf. With Hua Cang’s custom design capabilities, you can be sure that time on the shelf won’t be long.

Spout Pouch, they are widely used for packing all kinds of liquid and powders, including  Food, fruit juice, jelly, drink, alkaline water, milk, yoghourt,soybean milk, iced tea,energy drink, fruit pulp, concentrated juice,red wine, edible oil,energy gel, dairy foods,condiments,sahmpoo, detergent, softener,alcohol drinks, puree etc

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The spout pouch what we produced include: Salable  spout bag, moisture proof spout bag, plastic spout bag , spout packaging bags,aluminum spout pouch, food packaging spout pouch, Clear spout bag, spout zipper pouch, food packaging pouch,Laminated materials pouch etc etc

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Tell us about your PVC/PET shrink label need. Which product do you want to pack,Is this your first purchase about PVC/PET shrink label? Let us help you navigate the packaging process. Our expert will help you cut through the jargon and confusion of what can be a daunting experience.Let us show you why Hua Cang packaging should be your perfect supplier choice.

We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your specific product, ensuring form and function more than meet your needs. With a complete range of materials and best-in-class technology, there’s no product our shrink label can’t package.

With complete gravure and flexgraphic printing capabilities for all PVC/PET shrink label products, we’re your partner when you want high-quality products delivered on time and on budget. We have professional team can offer you perfect packaging solution. Contact us today for PVC/PET shrink label customized to meet your project needs.

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We have professional team can offer you perfect packaging solution.

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Our quality standards and competitive pricing ensure you will be satisfied with both the product and its cost.

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We have more than 20 years’ experience managing custom projects of all sizes and complexity with unmatched customer service
Our deep knowledge and understanding of overseas printing allows us to find the best solution for you.Whether your order is mall or large, we’ll recommend the best materials and processes for your product.
We’ve helped thousands of Snack company, Sauce factory, Laundry Detergent company, restaurant, hotel, etc.. print their packaging film and bag from start to finish. With experienced staff and advanced machines in China, we have a hands-on approach, giving you superior customer service, excellent print quality, and competitive pricing.

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